I’ve come to realize that I’m at that stage in my career where I have a lot of insights and experience to share. Over the years, I’ve benefitted enormously from the knowledge and experiences that others have shared, and now it’s my time to contribute back to the community.

But it’s not only that. By teaching others, we sharpen our own understanding of a topic. Writing forces us to organize our thoughts and articulate them clearly - a process that can help us refine our own thinking. Plus, writing is a skill that takes practice! Blogging is a way to hone those writing chops, and at the same time help others.

Like many people these days, I’m tired of the tech giant, social media dominated web. Just because its 2023 doesn’t mean we can’t do simple websites on our own domains like the good ol’ days! In fact, it’s never been easier.

Some of my favourite parts of the internet are these weird, often text-based treasure troves of information. I love that blogs are really grassroots, and that you really own the content and platform yourself. They say you should be the change you want to see in the world, so here goes!

The focus of this blog will be technical topics in software and the web. But I also plan on having fun with off-topic stories, and indulging whimsical ideas and strange rants :)